• Carmimari, At The Intersection Between History And Sport

Carmimari is back on the Internet thanks to Sportevo, the premium and niche sport gear marketplace. The Italian fencing equipment manufacturer is one of the most globally well-known firms producing quality uniforms, masks, and accessories.

The Carmimari company was founded in the first half of the 20th century by a engineer and former fencer, Sergio Carmina. He invented the electric foil winning an international competition held by FIE to create new signaling instruments. It was 1938 and his invention would start a revolution in fencing: the electric foil was adopted as standard signaling instrument in 1952 and it’s still in use.

It is the first wide success for Carmina, both a passionate sportsman and scrupulous and bright technical engineer. But not the only one. In 1978 he invented the “block preventing”: the system prevented the fencer to stop a valid hit by putting in contact his foil guard with his lame. The “block preventing” was then adopted by all fencing manufacturers, preferred to German “yellow lamps” system.

Created by Carmina with friend Lucio Marini, Carmimari is now led by Carmina’s daughter Emma, former fencer as well. With her the firm continues in the tradition, in the same spirit of the founder.

Through the years many athletes were sponsored by Carmimari. Among them there are Olympic medalists and World Fencing Championships winners. Alberto Abbate, Giuseppe Alongi, Andrea Aquili, Valerio Aspromonte, Stefano Barrera, Massimiliano Bertolazzi, Alessandro Bossalini, Brenda Briasco, Francesco Campagna, Claudia Caracciolo, Sara Caroegna, Stefano Carozzo, Sara Carpegna, Carolina Erba, Rossella Fiamingo, Dmytro Karjučenko, Lorenzo Leali, Gabriele Magni, Paolo Milanoli, Marzia Muroni, Bohdan Nikišyn, Yulen Pereira Ramos, Ennio Piazza, Michael Picca Garin, Giuseppe Pierucci, Paolo Pizzo, Maurizio Randazzo, Sandro Resegotti, Samuele Rivolta, Davide Schaier, Marta Simoncelli, Livia Stagni, Matteo Tagliariol, Francesco Vianello.

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