Carmimari, At The Intersection Between History And Sport

Carmimari is back on the Internet thanks to Sportevo. The Italian fencing equipment manufacturer is one of the most globally well-known firms

Marco Di Martino, Fencing Coach And ONTC Employee

Marco Di Martino is an Italian ex epeeist that has begun a new career into the fencing world as a coach. He collaborates with ONTC Fencing Equipment

Edoardo Munzone, ONTC powered epeeist

Edoardo Munzone (3rd at Bogotà Grand Prix) has been competing with ONTC equipment for the past 3 seasons. He agreed to answer some of our questions

The astonishing gesture of Fichera during Bogotà GP

Eight seconds remaining on the strip. You raise your hand and say: “It wasn’t my touch”. The chance to win flies away but you would do it 100 times more.