• Marco Di Martino, Fencing Coach And ONTC Employee

Marco Di Martino is an Italian epeeist that has begun a new career into the fencing world as a coach. In addition he collaborates with ONTC Fencing Equipment, an arising fencing company.

His story is very interesting because he is a sportman that has made his passion a (double) job!

Marco agreed to answer to some of our questions and tell us a bit about his experience.

How did you begin to fence?

Casually, to be honest. When I was six years old I saw a playbill advertising the fencing club of Legnano, in the province of Milan, and i asked to my mother the permission to enroll. It was immediately love at first sight and since that I’ve never taken a break, 31 years living at the club, before as an athlete and now as a coach.

Why have you chosen to become a fencing coach?

Sincerely a bit as a challenge and, obviously, because fencing is my passion. When i was 22 years old the coach of the Italy national fencing team decided that there wouldn’t have been place for me in the Olympic team. After this fact i stopped training and i decided to become a coach. A step not predictable and not easy at that time. Nowadays, with hindsight, I think it has been the best choice of my life.

How would you describe your weapon?

My favourite weapon is the epee. I believe it is an extremely hard arm, that requires a solid strategy and a good technique. That’s the reason why several years of training are needed and maybe one entire life is not sufficient to completely understand it. One thing that i love of this discipline is that there aren’t any taken for granted assaults, even the best epeeists sometimes could lose against less valued opponents.

How have you begun to collaborate with ONTC?

This is another event happened accidentally, or luckily better to say!
One evening of six years ago Francesco Rossi contacted me because he wanted to have a chat with me. I accepted his invite, meeting him at the secretary of the fencing club of Legnano. Francesco told me he was looking for a help for his fencing startup, an innovative and noteworthy project!
I accepted to joining him without hesitation and since that day we collaborate inside this great adventure.

How can you combine your work at ONTC with your fencing coach life?

I work as a fencing coach during the evening. This is very positive because it allows me to be free from fencing lessons during the day, permitting me to dedicate all my efforts to ONTC.
I’m very happy about this double working situation and i believe myself to be lucky, even though this could be stressful. The fact that both these activities thrill me cause my routine to be less hard.

Which is the achievement you are particularly fond to?

Agonistically speaking, without any doubt, my victory in a World Cup competition at Bratislava, even if what motivated me to train every day and gave me the right confidence was the victory of the Italian Championship when I was 14 years old.

Concluding, there’s a particular song that you used to listen before training?

I love Song 2(Blur), it really motivates me!

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