A new worldwide social community for connecting sport people

Ryada by Sportevo is the new social platform for sport and travelling enthusiasts, that aims to create a global travel sports community. Whether members are travelling for a competition and want to join the local culture or they are just in the neighborhood for holidays, Ryada connects them to like-minded people. Not any passionate but a member who has lived an experience in the same sport as the traveller.

The structure is very simple: members can plan their next trip and visit their favourite sports venue or meet new people who belongs to the same sport. They can also find new friends during a competition by exploring who’s going with Ryada. Thanks to this matching, members can find an accomodation for free or host fellow enthusiasts and start sharing trainings, practices or just stories in different cities.

Ryada makes possible to discover which events are going on locally and band together to create meaningful sport exchanges. It’s not just a community, but also a way to foster and boost the local economy of every place of origin of each member. This happen leveraging a circular economy model that creates a connection with the tourism activity of a place thanks to the promotion of the local sport.

Here’s a statement by Francesco Rossi, Sportevo’s CEO and founder: “Travelling is a life-long growth: it is both our inner journey and the discovery of new places, of new people, around the world. Your Sport is the passport to that journey: it challenges every limit you have, it boosts your ability to establish deep ties with people that have shared a competition, your experiences, your same passion. It’s the passport that transcends whoever you are outside Sport itself. It’s the best and the worst of you at the same time. It’s the map that allows people to navigate your true-self and others’. That’s why we are creating Ryada. It’s the platform to boost your passport: it’s the platform to reach out to your next life-defining experience, wherever you’ll be at”.

How to create a profile on Ryada? Easy stuff! Just enroll the free wishing list, filling up the basics to let people know which sport do you belong to, where are you and where you want to go. You can either decide if you want to be the traveler, the host, or you’re open to both. After that you can get certified by sharing with Ryada your sport federation subscription number, or a final rank of a competition you joined. There are no limits in age and time!

Created as an idea in 2014, Sportevo is the sports store to buy premium and niche sport gear. A curated marketplace where suppliers can meet global sport audience and athletes can buy the equipment they struggle to find. Indeed, Ryada is a fundamental branch in order to allow sport lovers to live new deep experiences through the basic principles of sport: sharing, having fun, wellness and challenge.

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