• Sportevo Supports Liminis Project

Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo is an Italian dreamer who lives in Barcelona. 27-years-old, degree in Economics, former solo globetrotter, he is the life of Liminis project. Giuseppe is a beginner who wants to become a pro, a man who wants to go beyond his physical, mental and geographic limits, a guy who struggles to achieve his goal playing like a pro.

That’s why Sportevo sponsors him and supports his challenge. The transformation of an average man into an average triathlete, who will compete in the most famous and extreme race in the world: “Ironman”, 3.86 km swimming race, 180.26 km cycling race, finished off by a 42,195 km marathon, which will take place in Barcelona in October 2018.

Liminis project is the documentary which follows, step by step, stride by stride, the arduous path of Giuseppe’s preparation for the race. A strict program of daily workouts, twice a day for twelve months, pushing his physical limits to allow him to successfully compete in this fast-paced, high endurance challenge.

Giuseppe will use and test some triathlon, cycling, running and swimming gear available on Sportevo marketplace. Giuseppe will be also the first Ryada’s ambassador and will answer to questions from customers and community fans about travelling, living abroad, host someone and get hosted as sportsman.