• Tyler Martin, how an athlete turns into an entrepreneur

Quality products, designed and tested by athletes and offered to a wider market through a single digital platform. Delfina Sport, now available on our marketplace, is one of the brands that definitely represent Spotevo’s vision: sport as a key factor in economic development, fostering the true value acknowledgment of the sports industry.

The story behind Delfina, a custom swimwear company, is the story of his founder and managing director Tyler Martin, 27 years old now. He is an Australian Olympian water polo player who struggled both in and out of the pool and succeeded to build his business and secure, at the same time, a spot at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Martin was playing water polo in Italy when he met an American running a swimwear business. Recognising the demand for customised swimwear, he launched Delfina Sport in 2013, using feedback from other watersports competitors on styles, fit and fabrics. Several overseas-based water polo players have joined the company and help handle international sales. SOURCE

He didn’t choose neither coaching nor fitness nor media career. He started his own business, making customised swimwear for teams, clubs, schools and universities, aware of goals and difficulties. “In sport you develop quite a few characteristics that translate into the business world – things like discipline and goal setting” Martin said.

Also, Delfina Sport is run by a dynamic team of aquatic professionals who have all competed internationally and who know quality swimwear inside out. It’s first-hand knowledge. “With another supplier – he told – I had three costumes ripped in one game, so it is incredibly important to have a strong, durable and comfortable product”.